Our Campus

Our church campus consists of two buildings, 4421 and 4431 W. Roosevelt Rd. in Hillside, IL. 60162. The 4421 Building houses our main sanctuary, meeting rooms and offices. The 4431 building is called the Incredible Life Center (ILC), and had been home to several major restaurants before we took over the space. The building has a full service commercial kitchen, a café with a bar, and a small and large dining room, all of which accommodates approximately two hundred people. On Sundays ILC building is used for our youth and teen church for worship services and during the week it serves as multi-purpose space, including repasts, church member family reunions, wedding receptions, and ministry meetings. We also have parking for over two hundred cars.

4421 Building - Main Sanctuary
4431 Building - Incredible Life Center (ILC)
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