Meet our Pastor And First Lady

Pastor Stephen E. Richardson

Rev. Stephen Richardson is the Senior Pastor of Jordan Temple Baptist Church. Before becoming Senior Pastor on February 28, 1993, he served in several positions at Jordan Temple, including choir president, Bible class teacher, deacon, trustee and associate minister. These are merely titles and did not characterize who he was as a Christian. He was committed to ensuring that the church operated with excellence and he took pride in working for God both in the forefront and behind the scenes. He valued the training by Senior Deacons as they taught the importance of laboring night and day, maintaining the church, planning church events, delivering the Lord’s Supper, attending Sunday School and attending evening services. Pastor Richardson’s foundation at Jordan Temple was built with love for people and God, commitment and sacrifice. 

Pastor Richardson is very passionate about shepherding God's flock and teaching them the God-inspired Word and principles for living an Incredible Life and having a prosperous life's journey. He is well known for his simplistic approach to teaching the Bible with accuracy and clarity.

Starting before 1993 and flowing into his early years pastoring, Pastor Richard- son developed an in-depth background in commercial property management and construction. He managed over three and a half million square feet of office buildings in Chicago and New York. This knowledge and passion led him and his wife to form Progressive Maintenance Inc; a commercial maintenance and construction company serving the Chicagoland area. As God would have it, Pastor and Lady Richardson closed up a portion of their business and devoted their time to building people for the kingdom instead of physical buildings. 

Despite his outside career responsibilities, Pastor Richardson worked tirelessly toward his vision to continue to propel the growth of Jordan Temple and follow God's plan. During his journey of following God's plan, in 1995, Pastor Richardson was stricken with an incurable heart disease called cardiomyopathy and his health quickly declined, and on November 11, 1996, he received a heart transplant. Following his recovery, Pastor Richardson continued pushing his vision.

His knowledge of the real estate business was beneficial as the church membership exceeded its space at 900 N. Lockwood and relocated to newly acquired properties located at 4421-4431 Roosevelt Road in Hillside, Illinois. 

In early 2013, he was once again stricken with a different type of heart condition known as a metal heart, which yet had no cure and had another heart transplant along with a kidney transplant on November 3rd of the same year. Pastor Richard- son life exemplifies the scripture:

Psalm 34:19 Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all. 

Pastor Richardson and Lady Richardson have been married for thirty-seven years. 

Lady Cynthia Jordan Richardson 

Lady Richardson is the daughter of our Founding Pastor, Rev. Willie F. Jordan, Sr. (deceased) and Leontine Jordan, who is still an active member of Jordan Temple. She is one of the eleven Founding members of the church and has been faithful to and engaged in the church for the entire forty-five years of the existence.

She began as the church van driver at 16 years old, transporting both children and senior’s to the church every Sunday and Wednesday. She was the secretary of Sunday School, and for over thirty years she was the primary choir director for the church.

Her passion has always been working directly with young ladies and influencing their choices in life. Her love for young adults inspired her to organize Cotillions and Beautillions for the teens' ages 15-18, where they were able to be showcased and perform with pride. This passion led her to birth Cynthia's House of Glamour a modeling school, dance studio, and hair salon. Lady Richardson now devotes her time to the church and her family. 

She still jokingly claims that her most significant achievement was guiding her husband to the Lord in 1978.



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